Won an Award

Looks like I won an award. “Best Actor” from the Northeast Film Festival where “The Restaurant” (a hilarious indie comedy-horror in which I am the lead) was screened. Here I am with the brilliant writer/director, Eric Ford, delivering it to me on a brisk NYC morning. I am honored and flattered, not only for the award, but for having the opportunity to paint with so many colors in the role of Jeremy in the film. :)

Award for Restaurant

Updated Resume

Finally got around to updating the resume today! Been so busy with work and life I lost track. Just finished shooting a couple very fun, and very diverse short films, and wrapped my role in a feature a month ago. Looking forward to what this Fall and Winter will bring.

September’s lookin’ busy!

September’s shaping up to be an exciting month. I’ll be shooting a commercial for a popular beer brand TOMORROW (details secret for the time being), and I’ve been cast in a feature film by the brilliant Spanish director AdĆ”n Aliaga, which I’ll be shooting later this month both in New York and Spain. šŸ˜€


So much has happened since I last posted I don’t even know where to begin! I wrapped shooting a brilliant short film, “Mania” (working title) written and directed by Ryan Kelly & Emily Yelverton.
I have recorded several V.O. spots for several commercials, and enjoyed each one.
My performance on “Hamilton: Building America” finally aired.
And I wrapped principal photography on a short comedic film I’ve written and directed myself!

…needless to say I like to stay busy. Tomorrow I resume this pattern. Now: Time for bed.

Just finished a terrific 3 week class with the talented (and tall, lol) Chazz Palminteri. A great actor, a terrific teacher, and a very kind man. Worth every minute.


New Reel!

That’s right, I have a freshly updated Voice Over Reel which you can see by clicking on the thumbnail to the left, or going to the Reels page itself. :)

Headshots & Gigs

Just got some brand new, AMAZING headshots courtesy of the immensely talented, legendary headshot photographer Andrew Brucker. You can see them on the Photos page, as well as above, here on the Home page. I couldn’t be happier with these shots – so intimate and honest. It was terrific working with him. Hell, I even stuck my favorite theatrical shot in this very post. Enjoy.

Also recently recorded some voice over for a couple of very funny Denny’s commercials, as well as for The Zebra, a brilliant car insuranceĀ aggregating service. I’m always happy to lend my voice. šŸ˜‰



Wrapped shooting with “Legends & Lies” portraying the infamous John Wilkes Booth. I had an absolute blast with the terrific crew and eagerly look forward to it’s debut.

Travelin’ to Virginia!

Tomorrow I hop a flight to Virginia where I’ll be spending two weeks shooting the Season 3 finale of “Legends & Lies”, playing the infamous John Wilkes Booth. Been growing this mustache out for some time now, it’s ready to beĀ put to use.