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There is SO MUCH new content on the website, it’s crazy. Under the PHOTOS tab on the menu you can find headshots, as well as now screenshots from some of the projects I’ve worked on, and on set photos!

Even bigger news, CLIPS! That’s right! Under the MEDIA tab up top you can not only see my reels, but also clips from my appearances on television, on film, in commercials and even clips from some of my voice over work. There’s so much to take in. Enjoy! :)

I went to Venice!

Long story short I went to Venice, and while I was there my photo was taken. Well, I like it, so here it is. I look so fitting in the sunlight of my ancestors, lol.WEB_2018-04

Brand New Reels!

That’s right! I’ve got brand new Coemdic and Dramatic Reels, and they’re ready to be watched. You can find them here on the left, or by going to the reels page itself – either way, enjoy!