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It’s official! My short film “Red Menace” has been accepted into it’s first festival. Getting into the Brussels Short Film Festival is huge – out of 4500 films submitted, “Red Menace” is one of the 60 that will be screened. Here’s to Brussels! And here’s to more festivals to come! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend (major bummer), but if anyone out there in Belgium is planning to go be sure to check it out!
Brussels 1

I’m excited to announce that you can now watch a brilliant short episode, “Blood Red White and Blue” of the series in development, “Toll Switch”, at the link below. I recently went to the screening for it, and it turned out great. Writer/Driector Thomas Justino did a magnificent job crafting this 1950’s teleplay’esque piece, and I’m honored to have been a part of it.



Won an Award

Looks like I won an award. “Best Actor” from the Northeast Film Festival where “The Restaurant” (a hilarious indie comedy-horror in which I am the lead) was screened. Here I am with the brilliant writer/director, Eric Ford, delivering it to me on a brisk NYC morning. I am honored and flattered, not only for the award, but for having the opportunity to paint with so many colors in the role of Jeremy in the film. :)

Award for Restaurant

Updated Resume

Finally got around to updating the resume today! Been so busy with work and life I lost track. Just finished shooting a couple very fun, and very diverse short films, and wrapped my role in a feature a month ago. Looking forward to what this Fall and Winter will bring.

September’s lookin’ busy!

September’s shaping up to be an exciting month. I’ll be shooting a commercial for a popular beer brand TOMORROW (details secret for the time being), and I’ve been cast in a feature film by the brilliant Spanish director Adán Aliaga, which I’ll be shooting later this month both in New York and Spain. 😀


So much has happened since I last posted I don’t even know where to begin! I wrapped shooting a brilliant short film, “Mania” (working title) written and directed by Ryan Kelly & Emily Yelverton.
I have recorded several V.O. spots for several commercials, and enjoyed each one.
My performance on “Hamilton: Building America” finally aired.
And I wrapped principal photography on a short comedic film I’ve written and directed myself!

…needless to say I like to stay busy. Tomorrow I resume this pattern. Now: Time for bed.

Just finished a terrific 3 week class with the talented (and tall, lol) Chazz Palminteri. A great actor, a terrific teacher, and a very kind man. Worth every minute.