I went to Venice!

Long story short I went to Venice, and while I was there my photo was taken. Well, I like it, so here it is. I look so fitting in the sunlight of my ancestors, lol.WEB_2018-04

Brand New Reels!

That’s right! I’ve got brand new Coemdic and Dramatic Reels, and they’re ready to be watched. You can find them here on the left, or by going to the reels page itself – either way, enjoy!

It’s official! My short film “Red Menace” has been accepted into it’s first festival. Getting into the Brussels Short Film Festival is huge – out of 4500 films submitted, “Red Menace” is one of the 60 that will be screened. Here’s to Brussels! And here’s to more festivals to come! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend (major bummer), but if anyone out there in Belgium is planning to go be sure to check it out!
Brussels 1

I’m excited to announce that you can now watch a brilliant short episode, “Blood Red White and Blue” of the series in development, “Toll Switch”, at the link below. I recently went to the screening for it, and it turned out great. Writer/Driector Thomas Justino did a magnificent job crafting this 1950’s teleplay’esque piece, and I’m honored to have been a part of it.


WATCH HERE! https://vimeo.com/253684256

Won an Award

Looks like I won an award. “Best Actor” from the Northeast Film Festival where “The Restaurant” (a hilarious indie comedy-horror in which I am the lead) was screened. Here I am with the brilliant writer/director, Eric Ford, delivering it to me on a brisk NYC morning. I am honored and flattered, not only for the award, but for having the opportunity to paint with so many colors in the role of Jeremy in the film. :)

Award for Restaurant

Updated Resume

Finally got around to updating the resume today! Been so busy with work and life I lost track. Just finished shooting a couple very fun, and very diverse short films, and wrapped my role in a feature a month ago. Looking forward to what this Fall and Winter will bring.

September’s lookin’ busy!

September’s shaping up to be an exciting month. I’ll be shooting a commercial for a popular beer brand TOMORROW (details secret for the time being), and I’ve been cast in a feature film by the brilliant Spanish director Adán Aliaga, which I’ll be shooting later this month both in New York and Spain. 😀